The State of UI/UX Testing ‘22 Report is now out, and it’s ready for a deep dive from the Applitools team. The report’s results come from 800+ of the world’s best frontend developers, designers, and testers so be ready to benchmark yourself. We’ll cover tons of questions on average testing and release speeds, popular design and UX tools, testing best practices, and more.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear the report’s findings in detail, learn further insights, and talk about the future of testing with Applitools.

Key takeaways:

  • Hear what organizations say is the hardest part of frontend testing
  • See how often today’s teams are doing usability testing
  • Explore just how much automation is really happening and some of the roadblocks to adoption

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Expert Speakers

Dan Giordano


A Web Developer turned Developer Marketer, Dan Giordano has over a decade’s experience building and growing Open Source tools and services like Swagger, Jenkins, Selenium, Gatsby, and others. As the Senior Director of Product Marketing here at Applitools, he enjoys translating the benefits of new technologies to businesses of all sizes.

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