Digital Transformation has changed the face of banking.

  • 89% of American bank account holders use mobile banking for account management; For 70% of them, mobile banking is the primary way of managing accounts.
  • A recent US internet banking survey revealed that only 20% of consumers would rather pay a visit to a physical bank location than do their business via digital channels.
  • The shift to online banking, has made websites and mobile apps the primary way for consumers to experience the banks brand.
  • Legacy dev/test tools and processes do not support the speed and scalability requirements of today’s online banking.

Applitools Visual AI technology was adopted by over 70% of the top banks in North America and Australia to help address these challenges and release faster and with higher quality.

Seeing is believing, get an instant demo of how Visual AI transforms testing, and have all your questions answered by a testing expert intimately familiar with the nuances of the financial services industry.

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