Supporting the Growth of Open Source

Open source software projects have been essential to the growth of the software testing market. To give back, Applitools is providing free licenses to open source projects to help them deliver visually perfect user interfaces, with a minimum of effort.

As an open source project you get 5000 visual validations per month & five concurrent test executions - FOR FREE.

Open Invitation

Explore Applitools SDKs to enhance and improve the experience for the developer community as a whole. As an open source contributor feel free to take advantage of this opportunity to gain knowledge or to enable others to gain an insight from your expertise.

Who We Are

Applitools is reliable, effective and efficient at visual UI testing, regression testing and monitoring which can be very tedious at the best of times. It is designed with open source projects in mind and takes into account the possible varying programs that you may already use or have.

How to write your first test?

The most intuitive and easy way to start testing with Applitools is to install the Applitools Eyes extension for Selenium in-browser IDE. For that, you can check our complete Selenium IDE Tutorial.

Why Visual Testing?

Visual testing is a form of regression test that ensures that screens that were correct have not changed unexpectedly.
Visual testing of an application is done by running an application, and saving screen snapshots at key points called checkpoints. These screenshots are then compared to previously stored baseline images, and any visually significant differences are reported.

Applitools Loves Github

Applitools loves and integrates with GitHub

Applitools lets you deliver visually perfect apps to your customers

Test Engineers

Simplify brittle test code by replacing lines of checkpoint code with just one Applitools API call. Test across all platforms.


On every commit, automatically check hundreds of UI components in just one minute, without having to write test scripts.


Integrate visual testing into your continuous integration and delivery pipeline to release with confidence and keep bugs out of production.

Product & Management

Give your customers apps that work flawlessly across every device, browser, screen, and language.

Applitools Key Features

Build custom visual reports

No more cryptic and complex text-based failure logs! Visual UI test reports consist of screenshots and visual differences that everyone in your team can understand at a glance. Easily zoom-in on changes and automatically group similar differences to only see unique ones. Build your own reports by obtaining screenshots, baseline images, differences and test details with the same APIs used by your test manager.

Automate your test maintenance

Resolve thousands of differences in minutes by leveraging sophisticated algorithms that automatically analyze the differences detected across all your tests and generate a concise report showing only distinct ones. Approve or reject a change and automatically apply the same decision to all similar changes across all your tests. Indicate elements that are allowed to move or to be ignored and automatically detect them across all screens in all your tests.

Integrates with the tools you love

Add visual assertions to your existing tests in any automation framework and programming language. View build-specific visual UI test results and manage baselines directly from Jenkins, TeamCity and other CI systems. Open Jira issues directly from the Applitools test manager. Programmatically access test results, build your own reports or upload them to your favorite test manager.

Leverage your existing tests

Applitools automatically validates the look and feel and user experience of your apps and sites. It is designed to integrate with your existing tests rather than requiring you to create new tests or learn a new test automation language. Validate entire application pages at a time with a single line of code. We support all major test automation frameworks and programming languages covering web, mobile, and desktop apps.

Trusted by hundreds of companies
“Our software engineers love the simple configuration, fast performance, and both full page and component-level visual regression testing that Applitools now provides.”
David Corbett
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