Test Automation

Accelerate and improve your app testing with automated visual UI testing in minutes.

Applitools is built to test all the elements that appear on a screen with just one line of code. Using AI powered cognitive vision, you can automatically verify that your web or mobile app appears correctly across all devices, all browsers and all screen sizes.

Cross Browser

Applitools supports all major browsers and browser versions so you can run visual UI tests in parallel, getting instant results on how your app looks in IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

Cross Device

Applitools allows you to check the visuals of your app on different types of devices, whether it is mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop.

Responsive Design

Applitools helps you test the responsiveness of your site by ensuring that the screen layout presented to your users matches the screen size they are using.

Seamless integrations with your existing test and deploy workflows allows you to add visual UI tests to your code in minutes. Use your favorite open source or proprietary tools, cloud-based testing platforms, CI and collaboration software.

Work smarter and better with features built for your test team. Use whatever language you're already testing in, maintain and manage thousands of tests with ease and share your results with your team and your company.

Leverage your existing tests

Applitools automatically validates the look and feel and user experience of your apps and sites. It is designed to integrate with your existing tests rather than requiring you to create new tests or learn a new test automation language. Validate entire application pages at a time with a single line of code. We support all major test automation frameworks and programming languages covering web, mobile, and desktop apps.

Automate your test maintenance

Resolve thousands of differences in minutes by leveraging sophisticated algorithms that automatically analyze the differences detected across all your tests and generate a concise report showing only distinct ones. Approve or reject a change and automatically apply the same decision to all similar changes across all your tests. Indicate elements that are allowed to move or to be ignored and automatically detect them across all screens in all your tests.

Build custom visual reports

No more cryptic and complex text-based failure logs! Visual UI test reports consist of screenshots and visual differences that everyone in your team can understand at a glance. Easily zoom-in on changes and automatically group similar differences to only see unique ones. Build your own reports by obtaining screenshots, baseline images, differences and test details with the same APIs used by your test manager.

“With artificial intelligence, a lot of smarts can be built into testing software to make testing applications easy. Applitools makes use of advanced machine learning algorithms to pinpoint visual defects in your products that otherwise would go unnoticed by a human eye.”
Ashish Desai
Ashish Desai JPMorgan Chase
Head of Machine Learning Platform Engineering