Understanding the batch status

Eyes derives the status of a batch from the status of all the tests in the batch. The batch status appears in two places in the Eyes Test Manager test results page, i.e.:

  • As part of every entry in the batch list
  • In the summary information of the currently selected batch.

The batch status is derived from the combined status of all the tests in the batch. The following table summarizes the possible batch status values:

At least one test in the batch is unresolved. i.e., has mismatches or has missing or new steps that the Tester has not explicitly Accepted or Rejected.
All the tests have been resolved, and at least one has the test has a Failed status.
One or more tests in the batch are still running, but there are no unresolved or failed tests in the batch.
All tests in the batch have completed and passed - there were no mismatches, or the user accepted all mismatches.

The Unsaved Baseline Status

The Test Manager displays an Unsaved indication to the right of the batch entry status when the user has made changes to a test in (e.g., pressing accept  or reject , or reporting an issue) and these changes have not yet been saved to the baseline using the save button .

Test Manager also displays the number of unsaved steps in the Batch summary panel.