eyes set baseline env name command

Platform: Selenium IDE

Using the Eyes Test Manager, you can define a name for an execution environment An execution environment is defined as a triplet of <OS, browser, viewport size>. When a test runs, its execution environment is defined by the platform on which the test runs, or, if run on the Ultrafast Grid, by the configuration of the Ultrafast Grid. A baseline is also associated with an execution environment. By default, the baseline chosen for a test is the baseline that has the same application name, test name, and execution environment as the test. Note that if the initial page in a test is not a secure web page, the execution environment may report the wrong OS or browser version.. This command allows you to specify the name of the execution environment Eyes should use when determining the baseline for a test instead of the run time execution environment. Using this command is useful for running visual tests on different environments using a single, common baseline. For more information see Running cross-environment tests.


To set the baseline environment call the SIDE Eyes command

This command takes as a parameter the environment name (for example Desktop Browser) The name given should either refer to an existing environment name that appears on the Environment page or if you want the name to be created using the current execution environment, a name that is not currently defined for another environment.


Call this command before you call an eyes check command in the test.

If an environment with this name exists on the Eyes server when the test starts, then Eyes uses the environment associated with this name to identify the baseline instead of the execution environment on which the test ran.If an environment with this name is not defined in the server when this test starts, Eyes creates an environment with this name and associates it with the properties of the current test environment.Regardless if the name already exists or not, if a baseline that matches the environment exists, it is used, otherwise a new baseline is created.