StepInfo class

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When a test terminates, the Close method returns an object with methods/properties defined by the TestResults class. Within the TestResults, there is an array of objects which have the properties defined by the class StepInfo. Each element of this array describes information for one step in the test.The properties in this class are used to retrieve information for a given step in the test results.
You can access the array of objects with the step information using the StepsInfo property.

Using statement

using Applitools;


Use the object returned by this method to retrieve URLs for the baseline, checkpoint, and diff images. You can obtain these images using the REST API.
Use the object returned by this method to retrieve URLs you can use to open the Test Manager in a browser preloaded with this step.
Returns whether the baseline has a baseline image for this step.
Returns whether there is a checkpoint image for this step.
Use this method to check if the checkpoint did not match a baseline image.
Returns the name (tag) assigned to the step (in the check method).