RunnerOptions class

Platform: Selenium 3Language: C# SDK:
An object of this class is used to define options for VisualGridRunner or ClassicRunner.

Using statement

using Applitools.VisualGrid;


The example below demonstrates the creation of a VisualGridRunner instance. It is initialized with a call to the constructor RunnerOptions. A call to TestConcurrency is then appended with a parameter of 10. This runner instance is passed to the Eyes instance when it is created. The end effect is that the runner manages the workflow and concurrency of all Eyes instances that are initialized with that runner. Passing a parameter of 10 means that the runner limits the concurrency to a maximum of 10 active test executions.

private EyesRunner runner = null;
runner = new VisualGridRunner(new RunnerOptions().TestConcurrency(10)); 
eyes = new Eyes(runner);


The constructor for the RunnerOptions class.


Use this method to specify the maximum number of Eyes tests that this runner will run concurrently.