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CheckSettingsPlain class

Platform: Selenium 4Language: JavaScript SDK:
The methods in this type are used as part of the check Fluent API to configure and execute checkpoints.
To use these methods, first create a target object using a method from the Target class, then call one or more of the methods in this type on the returned object, chaining them one after the other using the '.' operator.


Define multiple accessibility regions and their types.
Defines that a match level of Content should be used for the region(s) passed as parameter(s).
Define multiple floating regions for this target.
Define the full frame hierarchy to the direct parent frame of the HTML element to be checked.
Defines if the screenshot for this target should be extended to contain the entire element or region being checked, even if it extends the borders of the viewport.
Use this method to tell Eyes that for this target it should detect mismatch artifacts caused by a blinking cursor and not report them as mismatches.
Sets whether Test Manager should intially display mismatches for image features that have only been displaced, as opposed to real mismatches.
Add one or more ignore regions to this target (i.e. areas whose content matches anything).
Configure the SDK to capture multiple DOM images for multiple viewport sizes.
Defines that a match level of Layout should be used for the region(s) passed as parameter(s).
Use this property to set and retrieve the default match level (the type of matching) to use for this target when matching the captured image to the baseline image.
Assigns a name to the checkpoint.
Requests that only a region within a selected i-frame should be matched.
Normally, Eyes will select the most appropriate element to scroll to execute the fully method. You can use the scrollRootElement method to specify the element to scroll explicitly.
Enable or disable sending DOM for this checkpoint.
Defines that a match level of Strict should be used for the region(s) passed as parameter(s).
Defines the timeout to use when acquiring and comparing screenshots for this target.
Set the variation group ID for this checkpoint.
Use this property to set and retrieve configuration values for the Ultrafast Grid.