all method

Class: VisualLocatorSettingsPlatform: Selenium 3Language: Python SDK:

To return all graphic instances defined by each locator, add this method to the chain of fluent VisualLocatorSettings method calls.


names_a = get_locators("A_locators")
loc_regions_4 = eyes.locate(VisualLocator.names(names_a).all())  


This method does not take any parameters.

Return value

Type: VisualLocatorSettings
The method returns an object of type VisualLocatorSettings. You can chain additional calls to methods of this class in a fluent style, including name or names to add more locator names, and first or all to define if you want only the first instance of each locator or all the locators found.




The example below includes two calls to the method Eyes.locate. These calls illustrate two ways to specify the visual locators and two ways to specify how many locators to return.

Two ways of specifying visual locators are:

  • Pass a locator string to the method name.
  • Pass a list of strings to the method names.

You can call these methods multiple times to specify multiple locators names or multiple lists of locator names.

To specify how many regions to return per locator, append one of the following methods:

  • To retrieve a maximum of one region for each locator append a call to first.
  • To retrieve all regions for all locators append a call to (all).
# return a zero or one locator for each of the three locators defined as parameters to name()
loc_regions_6 = eyes.locate(
# return all the locator found for the locators defined in the lists passed to names() or Strings passed to name()                   
locator_list_1 = ["locator_1a", "locator_1b", "locator_1c"]
locator_list_2 = ["locator_2a", "locator_2b", "locator_2c"]
loc_regions_7 = eyes.locate(
        .name("another locator")

locators_regions = eyes.locate(VisualLocator.names(["locator_a", "locator_b", "locator_c"]).all())
# Loop through all the locators and click on the center of their region
for locator_name in locators_regions.keys():
    for region in locator_name:
        click(region.left + region.width/2, + region.height/2)