ignore_case method

Class: TextRegionSettingsPlatform: ImagesLanguage: Python SDK:

Define that the pattern should be case insensitive.

This related to the pattern string specified in the call to the TextRegionSettings constructor. If this method is called with a value of False, then the case of the text in the pattern must match the case of the corresponding character in the image text. If it is called with a value of True, then a lowercase or uppercase literal in the pattern will match either case in the image text. Since the pattern also serves as a hint, when ignoreCase is False, the OCR result will use the pattern case to disambiguate lowercase and uppercase characters that are similar (such as lowercase and uppercase S and Z).

For more information see Eyes OCR support .

This feature is experimental. Please note that the functionality and/or API may change.


value = obj.ignore_case(ignore)

value = obj.ignore_case()


Type:bool [Optional : default = True ]
The pattern case will match either lowercase and uppercase text found in the OCR.
The pattern case will only match the OCR text if the case matches.

Return value

Type: TextRegionSettings
This method returns the object that called it so that it can be used to call other methods supportd by this class in a fluent API style.


Calling this value is optional, by default case is ignored.