OcrRegion method

Class: OcrRegionPlatform: Selenium 3Language: Java SDK:

Define a region from which Eyes should extract the image.

You can pass, an element, a selector or a region that defines the top left corner . and dimensions of a rectangle on the current page.

For more information see Eyes OCR support .

This feature is experimental. Please note that the functionality and/or API may change.


OcrRegion obj = new OcrRegion(element);

OcrRegion obj = new OcrRegion(selector);

OcrRegion obj = new OcrRegion(region);


An element whose bounding rectangle defines the region from which Eyes should extract text.
A selector that defined one or more bounding rectangles that define the region(s) from which Eyes should extract text.
The top left corner and dimension of the region from which Eyes should extract text.

Return value

Type: OcrRegion
This method returns the object that called it so that it can be used to call other methods supportd by this class in a fluent API style.


WebElement logoElement2 = driver.findElement(new By.ByCssSelector("#btn_logo_png"));
List<String> textsFound = eyes.extractText(
        (OcrRegion) new OcrRegion(logoElement2),
        (OcrRegion) new OcrRegion(new Region(60, 50, 200, 80)).hint("applitools"),
        (OcrRegion) new OcrRegion(new By.ByCssSelector("#btn_click_txt")).hint("Click here"),
        (OcrRegion) new OcrRegion(new By.ByTagName("body"))
for (int i = 0; i < textsFound.size(); i++) {
    System.out.printf("%d) found '%s'\n", i, textsFound.get(i));