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hostOS property

Class: EyesPlatform: ImagesAppKitLanguage: Objective-C SDK:

Use this property to set and retrieve the name of the hosting operating system property.

The HostOS, along with the hosting app and viewport size, determines which baseline will be used as the basis for comparing checkpoint images. When running without the Ultrafast Grid, by default, Eyes uses the Operating System on which the test executes. When running a test using the Ultrafast Grid, the operating system depends on the browser configuration. The Test Manager displays this value as the OS column.


Call syntax

NSString* value; // give relevant initial value
eyes.hostOS  = value
value = eyes.hostOS


 (copy, nonatomic, nullable) NSString *hostOS DEPRECATED_MSG_ATTRIBUTE("Use 'osInfo' instead please")


The value to be used for the Host OS property.