branchName property

Class: EyesPlatform: ImagesLanguage: Objective-C SDK:

Use this property to set and retrieve the branch used for the baseline of this run.

If the branch does not exist when the test starts, then it will be created. If a baseline exists that has the same properties in the parent branch (i.e. the same application name, test name and environment), then the parent branch will provide the intial baseline for the newly created branch. By default, the parent branch is the default branch. You can specify the parent branch explicitly using parentBranchName property.


Call syntax

NSString* value; // give relevant initial value
eyes.branchName  = value
value = eyes.branchName


 (copy, nonatomic, nullable) NSString *branchName


The name of the branch from which the baseline will be taken and saved. This may be any string.