open method

Class: EyesPlatform: ImagesLanguage: Java SDK:

Call this method to start a test, before calling any of the check methods.

Syntax, testName, dimensions);, testName);


The application name. This may be any string. You can set the application name for all tests using the Configuration.setAppName method or Eyes.setAppName method. If you do so, then set this parameter to a value of null to indicate that the configuration default should be used.
The name of the test. This name must be unique within the scope of the application name. It may be any string.
If this parameter is not provided, and the viewport was not set using the setViewportSize method, then the viewport size is taken from the dimensions of the image of the first checkpoint. For the image SDK this is used to identify the baseline and does not affect the way the checkpoint image is processed in any other way.

Return value

Type: void


After making a call to this method, you must eventually terminate the test by calling Eyes.closeAsync (in case of a normal completion) or Eyes.abortAsync (in case of an aborted test). If you want to run another test, then it is recomended to do this with a newly created Eyes instance to avoid side effects. However, in principle, it is legal to call again to start a new test on the same Eyes instance.