checkRegionBy method

Class: EyesPlatform: Selenium 4Language: JavaScript SDK:

Run a checkpoint only on a specific region in the window identified by a locator.


let result = await eyes.checkRegionBy(by, tag, matchTimeout, stitchContent);

let result = await eyes.checkRegionBy(by, tag, matchTimeout);

let result = await eyes.checkRegionBy(by, tag);

let result = await eyes.checkRegionBy(by);


An element selector which is chosen using the Selenium By class.
Type:string [Optional ]

The tag defines a name for the checkpoint in the Eyes Test Manager. The name may be any string and serves to identify the step to the user in the Test manager. You may change the tag value without impacting testing in any way since Eyes does not use the tag to identify the baseline step that corresponds to the checkpoint - Eyes matches steps based on their content and position in the sequences of images of the test. See How Eyes compares checkpoints and baseline images for details.

Type:number [Optional ]
The retry time in milliseconds. If there is a mismatch, then Eyes will recapture and recheck the checkpoint until the timeout limit. This can help avoid mismatches in cases where the capture was done before the page was fully rendered. This parameter overrides any global timeout set using setMatchTimeout. Passing a value of -1 will force the default timeout.
Type:boolean [Optional ]
If the application window is larger than the viewport, and this parameter is true, then the entire page content is rendered. If this parameter is false, then only the viewport is rendered.

Return value

Type: Promise<MatchResult>