addProperty method

Class: EyesPlatform: Selenium 4Language: JavaScript SDK:

Adds a user-defined key name/value property that will be associated with tests.

A test property is a user-defined name/value pair that you can associate with a test. You can view these properties as well as filter and group by these properties in the Test Manager.. You can set properties using the Eyes.addProperty method, Configuration.addProperty method, Configuration.setProperties method or property.


let value = eyes.addProperty(name, value);


The name of the property.
The value associated with the name.

Return value

Type: Configuration


  • Set multiple properties by calling Eyes.addProperty or Configuration.addProperty multiple times with the same property name and with different values.
  • You should not assign a given value to a property more than once in a given test run.
  • You can also associate properties with a batch using BatchInfo.addProperty.