setProxy method

Class: ConfigurationPlatform: PlaywrightLanguage: JavaScript SDK:

Use this method to configure Eyes so that it will interact with the Eyes server via a proxy.

By default, the SDK interacts directly with the Eyes server. If necessary, you can define a proxy server so that the SDK will interact with the proxy server, and the proxy server will relay the interaction to the Eyes server.


let configval = config.setProxy(proxy);

let configval = config.setProxy(url, username, password, isHttpOnly);

let configval = config.setProxy(url, username, password);

let configval = config.setProxy(url, username);

let configval = config.setProxy(url);

let configval = config.setProxy(isEnabled);
config.proxy = configval;
configval = config.proxy;

Note that this feature is available as both a method and a property.


An object created from the ProxySettings class that contains the user name, password, URI and port.
The proxy URL to be used by the serverConnector. If it has a value of null then no proxy is set.
Type:string [Optional ]
The string to pass as the username.
Type:string [Optional ]
The string to pass as the password.
Type:boolean [Optional ]
A value of true specifies that the SDK should communicate with the server using an http tunnel. Use this if your http proxy blocks https communication.
If this parameter is provided, then it must have a value of false and it means that use of the proxy is disabled.

Return value

Type: Configuration
The value returned is the object that called the method. This allows you to use a fluent style to call the setXXXX methods of the Configuration class.