setIgnoreDisplacements method

Class: ConfigurationPlatform: Selenium 4Language: JavaScript SDK:

Use this method to set whether Test Manager should initially display mismatches for image features that have only been displaced, as opposed to real mismatches.

The Eyes server can distinguish between mismatches that are caused by content that has moved on the page as opposed to content that is new, missing, or has changed. In the Test Manager, the user can choose to hide differences that arise due to displaced content. Use this method to set whether the Test Manager should display differences that Eyes identified as displaced features when first displaying a step, or if Test Manager should hide these differences You can change this behavior from within the Test Manager. Note that this setting only governs what is displayed. Eyes still considers a feature that has moved to be a mismatch that needs to be resolved by the user. For more details see Hide displacement diffs tool.


let configval = config.setIgnoreDisplacements(ignoreDisplacements);


If a value of true is passed, then mismatches due to displaced content will not be displayed in the Test Manager. Otherwise, they will be displayed.

Return value

Type: Configuration
The value returned is the object that called the method. This allows you to use a fluent style to call the setXXXX methods of the Configuration class.


Ignore displacements is only active when using a Match level of Strict or Content