set_app_name method

Class: ConfigurationPlatform: Selenium 3Language: Python SDK:

Use this method to set the value of the application name property. The application name is one of the 5 properties that define the baseline.


configval = config.set_app_name(app_name)
config.app_name  = configval
configval = config.app_name

Note that this feature is available as both a method and a property.


The application name to be configured for the test.

Return value

Type: Self
The value returned is the object that called the method. This allows you to use a fluent style to call the setXXXX methods of the Configuration class.


If you call this method, it must be called before the call to In the call to, if you provide the application parameter, then it will override the value set here. If you don't provide the parameter or pass a None, then the value set here will be used.