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saveDiffs property

Class: ConfigurationPlatform: Selenium 4Language: JavaScript SDK:

Use this property to set and retrieve if steps that have mismatches should be automatically saved to the baseline or not.

In the usual workflow, if Eyes finds mismatches, you use the Test Manager to view the mismatches, accept or reject the steps with mismatches, and then update the baseline with the images captured in the accepted steps. This method allows you to instruct Eyes that where steps have mismatches, or where there are new or missing steps, the corresponding steps in the baseline should be updated with the images captured in this run of the test.

Using this method completely overwrites your baseline. It is preferable to see the results in the Test Manager and, if necessary, to accept all differences there. If you do use this method, remember to remove the call to this method once the baseline is ready for use in the normal way.


config.saveDiffs = configval;
configval = config.saveDiffs;


Set to true to configure Save Diffs functionality.