matchTimeout property

Class: ConfigurationPlatform: ProtractorLanguage: JavaScript SDK:

Use this property to set and retrieve the maximum time Eyes will try to perform a match on the fully captured image.

Since a browser can take time to render a page (because it is complex, or because of slow network speeds), if Eyes detects mismatches, it will initially assume that the mismatch is because the render has not completed yet, and it will retry the match after a short wait. You can use this property to determine how much time Eyes spends retrying the matching before declaring a mismatch.


config.matchTimeout = configval;
configval = config.matchTimeout;


The timeout to set in milliseconds.


You can overide the default timeout set by this method for a specific set checkpoint by passing a timeout to one of the check_XXXX methods that support a timeout parameter, e.g. eyes$checkwindowYou can also overide the timeout for a specific test using the check fluent checksettings$timeout