get_all_test_results method

Class: ClassicRunnerPlatform: Selenium 3Language: Python SDK:

Call this method to get the test results for all the tests that were run using this runner.


runner = runner.get_all_test_results(should_raise_exception)

runner = runner.get_all_test_results()


Type:bool [Optional : default = True ]
If a value of True is passed and any test did not pass, or there was a failure, then an exception is thrown. If a value of False is passed, then the object returned contains the test results and status of all the tests. The calling program should use the method exception to examine the exception status and, if it is null, check the various methods in the TestResults returned by the method test_results to see if the tests passed or mismatched where found. If no parameter is passed, then the default value is True.

Return value

Type: TestResultsSummary