ChromeEmulationInfo method

Class: ChromeEmulationInfoPlatform: Selenium 3Language: C# SDK:

Create an object that can be used to configure the Ultrafast Grid to render checkpoints by emulating a device using Chrome mobile emulation.

Pass an instances of this class to AddBrowser in order to configure the mobile device defined by the parameters to the method.


ChromeEmulationInfo obj = new ChromeEmulationInfo(deviceName, screenOrientation);

ChromeEmulationInfo obj = new ChromeEmulationInfo(deviceName);


The name of the device, a value from the set of devices defined by DeviceName.
Type:ScreenOrientation [Optional : default = ScreenOrientation.Portrait ]
If the device should be rendered in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) orientation.

Return value

Type: ChromeEmulationInfo


The viewport width and height used to identify the baseline, is defined implicitly by the screen characteristics of the device.