matchLevel property

Class: CheckSettingsPlainPlatform: PuppeteerLanguage: JavaScript SDK:

Use this property to set and retrieve the default match level (the type of matching) to use for this target when matching the captured image to the baseline image.


eyes.check({ matchLevel: value });


Type definitions

This type allows passing strings instead of enumerated values, for the list of enum values see MatchLevel.

Available match level values are:

For a description of these match levels and the different ways to apply them to tests, checkpoints, and regions, see Eyes match levels.


The value provided here overrides the default match level, or the global value set for this target using Eyes.setMatchLevel or Configuration.setMatchLevel. You may only call this method once in a given chain. If you call this method, then you can't call the other match level methods. CheckSettings.strictCheckSettings.contentCheckSettings.layoutCheckSettings.exact

For a full description of the affect of each match levels and the different ways to apply them to tests, checkpoints and regions, How to use Eyes match levels.