layoutRegions property

Class: CheckSettingsPlainPlatform: PuppeteerLanguage: JavaScript SDK:

Defines that a match level of Layout should be used for the region(s) passed as parameter(s).


eyes.check({ layoutRegions: value });



Type definitions

Used to describe a position and rectangular region in an image. RegionPlain is defined as: LocationPlain&RectangleSizePlain

One or more region descriptors or selectors in one of the defined types.


You may define multiple regions that have an explicit match level by calling this method multiple times, or by passing the method multiple regions.

The region matchlevel methods checksettings$strict(regions), checksettings$layout(regions)., checksettings$content(regions). checksettings$strictregions(regions), checksettings$layoutregions(regions)., checksettings$contentregions(regions) should not overlap each other or the regions defined using checksettings$ignoreregion(regions). checksettings$ignoreregions(regions). If they overlap each other, or regions that defined using the Test Manager then the results is undefined.

For a full description of the affect of each match levels and the different ways to apply them to tests, checkpoints and regions, How to use Eyes match levels.