statusBarExists method

Class: XCUICheckSettingsPlatform: XCUILanguage: Objective-C SDK:

Use this method to inform Eyes that the status bar is visible so that Eyes can exclude it from the checkpoint. Required for ioS 13.x.

On mobile devices, the device status bar can change visually from test to test independently of the application under test. To avoid false mismatches, Eyes detects and excludes the status bar from the checkpoint. On iOS 13.x Eyes does not have a way to know if there is a status bar or not so you need to call this method if the status bar is visible. Once you have informed Eyes that the status bar is visible, Eyes takes the necessary steps to ensure that it is excluded from the checkpoint image.


Call syntax

instancetype target =  [ obj statusBarExists  : statusBarExists   ]


(instancetype)statusBarExists:(BOOL)statusBarExists API_AVAILABLE(ios(13))


Set to true if there is a status bar on the screen.

Return value

Type: instancetype