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IgnoreCaret method

Class: ImagesCheckSettingsPlatform: ImagesLanguage: C# SDK:

Use this method to tell Eyes that for this target it should detect mismatch artifacts caused by a blinking cursor and not report them as mismatches.

If your UI includes a blinking cursor, then sometimes the cursor will be captured in the screenshot, and sometimes it won't be captured. This can lead to spurious mismatch reports. If you call this method, then Eyes will analyze the mismatches and remove artifacts that seem to have been introduced by a blinking cursor.




Type:bool [Optional : default = true ]
If this parameter has a value of true, then Eyes will detect artifacts caused by a blinking cursor and will not report a mismatch for differences caused by these artifacts. If it has a value of , then Eyes will not try to detect artifacts caused by blinking cursors. If no parameter is passed then the default value is true - so the cursor artifacts will be ignored.

Return value

Type: ICheckSettings
The value returned is the object that called the method. You can use it to call other methods supported by the object class.


You may only call this method once in a given chain. This method overrides the global default setting or the setting chosen explicitly for the current target using Eyes.IgnoreCaret property or Configuration.SetIgnoreCaret method.