fully method

Class: SeleniumCheckSettingsPlatform: Selenium 3Language: Python SDK:

Defines if the screenshot for this target should be extended to contain the entire element or region being checked, even if it extends the borders of the viewport.




Type:bool [Optional : default = True ]
If this parameter has a value of true, then Eyes uses scrolling and stitching to capture the entire page. If it's false, then only the viewport will be captured. If the method is called without a parameter, then the default is true.

Return value

Type: Self
The value returned is the object that called the method. You can use it to call other methods supported by the object class.


This method overrides the global default or the most recent value set by the Configuration.set_force_full_page_screenshot method. If stitching is done, then the stitch mode used, StitchMode.CSS or StitchMode.Scroll is determined by the global default or the value set using, Configuration.set_stitch_mode You can use the SeleniumCheckSettings.scroll_root_element method to specify which element should be scrolled to render all of the content of the page. You may only specify one such element per checkpoint. You may only call this method once in a given target.