withBatchId method

Class: BatchInfoPlatform: AppiumLanguage: Java SDK:

Use this method to set the unique id of the batch using a Fluent interface.

You need to set the id explicitly if you want to batch tests that are run at different times or in different platforms or processes. For more information see Batching tests in a distributed environment


eyes.setBatch(new BatchInfo(name).withBatchId('myId');


The unique id of the batch. If not passed, or passed as null, and the environment variable APPLITOOLS_BATCH_ID is defined, then the value of the environment variable will be used as the id. If the environment variable is not defined then a unique internal id will be generated and used.

Return value

Type: BatchInfo


This command is intended for use instead of the setId method. It can be called as part of the constructor of the Batchinfo object as shown in the syntax section.