addProperty method

Class: BatchInfoPlatform: Selenium 3Language: Java SDK:

Associate a user-defined property with the batch.

A batch property is a user-defined name/value pair that you can associate with a batch. Use the Test Manger to view the properties and their values for a particular batch and you can filter for batches with specific property values. See Using user defined batch properties for more information.


BatchInfo value = batchInfo.addProperty(name, value);


The name of the property.
The value to be associated with this property.

Return value

Type: BatchInfo


  • Call this method after creating the BatchInfo object and before using the Eyes.setBatch or Configuration.setBatch method to associate the batch with the test (before the test is started).
  • Set multiple properties by calling BatchInfo.addProperty multiple times with the same property name and different values.
  • You should not assign a given value to a property more than once in a given batch run.