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VisualGridRunner class

An object of this class is used to manage multiple Eyes sessions when working with the Ultrafast Grid.

To work without the Ultrafast Grid, use ClassicRunner instead of this class.

Import statement


VisualGridRunner method


VisualGridRunner runner = new VisualGridRunner(runnerOptions);



Type: RunnerOptions

An object that defines options for the runner. Multiple options can be defined by appending multiple method calls in a fluent style.

Return value

Type: VisualGridRunner


The example below demonstrates the creation of a VisualGridRunner instance. It is initialized with a call to the constructor RunnerOptions. A call to testConcurrency is then appended with a parameter of 10. This runner instance is passed to the Eyes instance when it is created. The end effect is that the runner manages the workflow and concurrency of all Eyes instances that are initialized with that runner. Passing a parameter of 10 means that the runner limits the concurrency to a maximum of 10 active test executions.


private EyesRunner runner = null;
runner = new VisualGridRunner(new RunnerOptions().testConcurrency(concurrentSessions));
eyes = new Eyes(runner);

getAllTestResults method


TestResultsSummary runner = runner.getAllTestResults();

TestResultsSummary runner = runner.getAllTestResults(shouldThrowException);



Type: boolean

If a value of true is passed and any test did not pass, or there was a failure, then an exception is thrown. If a value of false is passed, then the object returned contains the test results and status of all the tests. The calling program should use the TestResultContainer.getException method to examine the exception status and, if it is null, check the various methods in the TestResults returned by the method getTestResults to see if the tests passed or mismatched where found. If no parameter is passed, then the default value is true.

Return value

Type: TestResultsSummary

setDontCloseBatches method





Type: boolean

Pass a value of true to disable Auto batch closure.

Return value

Type: void