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TextRegionSettings class

An object of this type is used to pass options to Eyes.extractTextRegions.

This feature is experimental. Please note that the functionality and/or API may change.

Typically you call the class constructor, and then call the methods of this class chained in a Fluent API style to set the required options.

For more information see Eyes OCR support.

Import statement

import com.applitools.eyes.locators.TextRegionSettings;


String[] patternList = {};
Map<String, List<TextRegion>> resultRegions = eyes.extractTextRegions(
new TextRegionSettings(
"\\S+: \\d+",
"\\S+: .+").ignoreCase(true));
for (Map.Entry<String, List<TextRegion>> entry : resultRegions.entrySet()) {
System.out.printf("for pattern '%s' found:\n", entry.getKey());
for (TextRegion info : entry.getValue()) {
System.out.printf("x: %d, y: %d, width: %d, heigth: %d, text: '%s'\n",
info.getX(), info.getY(), info.getWidth(), info.getHeight(), info.getText());