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Visual Test Automation with PayPal’s Nemo and Applitools Eyes

In our last webinar, we took an inside look at how PayPal is managing its test automation efforts with Nemo: open source node.js-based Selenium-webdriver wrapper, and Applitools Eyes automated visual testing.

Watch this webinar, hosted by test automation experts Matt Edelman from PayPal and Daniel Puterman from Applitools, to learn about:  

  • Intro to Nemo: learn how to leverage its advanced capabilities to your automation needs
  • Intro to Automated Visual Testing with Applitools Eyes
  • Live demo of Nemo with Applitools Eyes: learn how to easily avoid UI bugs and visual regressions across devices and browsers
  • Best practices for automated visual testing

Full Recording: 

Matt’s “Intro to Nemo and Nemo-Eyes” slide deck: 

Daniel’s “Intro to Automated Visual Testing” slide deck: 

To read more about Applitools’ visual UI testing and Application Visual Management (AVM) solutions, check out the resources section on the Applitools website. To get started with Applitools, request a demo or sign up for a free Applitools account.


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