“Test What Matters: Automated Analytics Testing” – by Marcus Merrell

Events — Published April 12, 2018

Watch this on-demand webinar, presented by automation expert Marcus Merrell, and learn how to provide real-time insights that matter to decision makers – with automated analytics testing.

Full recording and slide-deck are below. 

QA life:
“Shadow sprint” > Something breaks:
MGR: “Hey QA, why didn’t you catch this? We have analytics!”
QA: “What the hell is an analytic?”

Lather, rinse, repeat… STOP!

Web analytics allow you to analyze hundreds or thousands of tiny events in order to tell a story about how your users behave on your system. Data is gathered, stories are told, business decisions are made — and your CEO is guaranteed to be interested.

But what if they’re wrong? Analytics often get developed as a “super-set” of software product functionality, but this ignores the inescapable fact that they are still software.

In this exclusive session, test automation expert Marcus Merrell walked us through the basics of how analytics are being used in the industry, what can go wrong with them, and why the work of testing these signals almost never falls on QA’s shoulders.

After presenting the challenges, Marcus offers a framework, including examples and suggestions, for using Selenium, BrowserMob Proxy, and other tools to make sure the story you’re trying to tell is being told accurately.


Marcus’s slides – Automated Analytics Testing:


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