Putting Quality First: Evolution of Dev/Test and DevOps in the Era of Continuous Delivery

Events — Published April 22, 2017

Watch Joe Colantonio interview test automation executive Adam Auerbach, as he takes a deep dive into the ecosystem of continuous delivery and digital transformation, including: challenges, skills, tools, and best practices.

Adam Auerbach (left) and Joe Colantonio (right)
Adam Auerbach (left) and Joe Colantonio (right)

Adam Auerbach – a seasoned executive in leading financial institutions – shared with us his first-hand knowledge and experience about the growing pains Dev/Test and DevOps teams face on their journey to Continuous Delivery, and the challenges they need to overcome in order to deliver better and faster in the era of digital transformation.

Adam also discussed how culture, processes, technical infrastructure, tools, and people need to adapt to this new and rapidly-changing ecosystem, as well as acquire and master new best practices for delivering quality and speed.

Key talking points included:

  • DevOps in the real world: why and how DevOps shine in a Continuous Delivery ecosystem
  • Staying relevant: changing roles and responsibilities of Dev/Test
  • Evolution of software testing: skill sets and best practices required to survive the age of digital transformation
  • Risk mitigation: how to do it properly with continuous testing and test automation
  • Supporting CI-CD culture: How to properly create and maintain culture and processes on the journey to Continuous Delivery
  • Nuts and bolts: technical infrastructure and tools required for real-time test automation and Continuous Delivery excellence

Watch it now:

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