Mastering UI Automation at Scale – with Guest Speaker Fernando Martin

Events — Published August 15, 2016
Learn how to effectively scale up your UI test automation efforts in this on-demand webinar with guest speaker Fernando Martin.

Automated End-to End-Testing is a two-edged sword; it can be the hero, saving you during regression testing and preventing faulty releases, or it can be the villain, slowing down the development and release process with flaky, hard to maintain and time-consuming suites that you don’t trust or want.

Test automation expert and leading software developer Fernando Martin have seen both. In this talk, he will go through key lessons he learnt, and how he applied them to open-source AugmentedDriver – a tool that allowed his team to run more than 80,000 tests in a month, running suites of more than 275 tests in less than 15 minutes.

Watch this on-demand webinar, and learn how to: 

  • Focus on Parallelism to achieve throughput
  • Avoid common flakiness pitfalls that make tests unreliable
  • Architect your framework so it can be easily extended and it can quickly adapt to changes
  • Effectively combine all the previous lessons to make your tests sturdy and readable
  • Consolidating each piece of your framework into something that can be easily understood and digested by the rest of your team
  • Provide easy configuration so the suites can be run effortless by the rest of your team and can be plugged into your CI Systems

You can find Fernando’s slide-deck here:

and his code examples here.

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