Advanced Cross-Browser Testing Techniques – with Joe Colantonio

Uncategorized — Published July 16, 2015

Thanks for joining us for our last webinar: “Advanced Cross-Browser Testing Techniques”, featuring Joe Colantonio – Test Architect for a Fortune-100 company, Adam Carmi – co-founder & CTO of Applitools, and Yaniv Bigger – R&D manager of HP Live Network.

In this webinar, Joe and Adam explained how to successfully automate cross-browser testing and avoid visual regressions and front-end bugs, by adding scalable automated visual testing to existing UFT tests.

They also: 

  • Gave a sneak preview of HP LeanFT
  • Ran a live demo of running an automated visual cross-browser test with HP LeanFT
  • Revealed expert tips on how to successfully perform large-scale automated visual testing
  • Presented practical use cases for automated visual testing with LeanFT & UFT

Missed the webinar, want to hear it again, or share with a colleague? Watch the full recording and slide-decks right here:

* Slides for “Advanced Cross-Browser Visual Testing with Applitools Eyes and HP LeanFT” – by Adam Carmi

* Slides for “Introduction to HP Live Network” – by Yaniv Bigger

To read more about Applitools’ visual UI testing and Application Visual Management (AVM) solutions, check out the resources section on the Applitools website. To get started with Applitools, request a demo or sign up for a free Applitools account.

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