2018 Top Test Automation Trends: Must-have Tools & Skills Required to Rock 2018

Events — Published December 14, 2017
Expert Panel: Joe, Angie, Richard, and GIl
Expert Panel: Joe Colantonio, Angie Jones, Richard Bradshaw, and Gil Tayar

Watch this exclusive session and learn from top test automation experts about the top trends and tools that will dominate your work environment in 2018, and leading skills and best practices that can accelerate your career.

Automation Guild Conf founder Joe Colantonio will host a panel with 3 Dev/Test thought leaders: Angie Jones, Richard Bradshaw, and Gil Tayar.

They will discuss major automation skills that are in high demand when hiring test engineers, as well as tools and best practices required to help you deliver faster and better.

Listen to this session, and discover: 

  • Top test automation strategies for 2018
  • Big opportunities in test automation
  • AI automation: how is it going to affect you and how to prepare for it
  • Tools and technologies you should get familiar with right now

You can watch the full recording here:

Joe’s slide deck is here:

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