Practical Tips and Tricks for Selenium Test Automation

Uncategorized — Published April 13, 2015

Must-see webinar for test automation experts!

Last week, Applitools & Sauce Labs hosted a special webinar with Selenium expert Dave Haeffner, author of The Selenium Guidebook, where he shared Selenium Test Automation tips & tricks from his popular weekly Selenium newsletter.

In this webinar, Dave covered the following topics: 

  • Headless test execution
  • Testing HTTP status codes
  • Visual testing & cross-browser testing
  • Blacklisting third-party content
  • Load testing
  • Broken image checking
  • Testing forgot password
  • Working with A/B testing
  • File downloads
  • Additonal debugging output

Here’s the full webinar recording:

Dave’s full slidedeck is available here: 

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