How to Use Applitools Eyes with SilkTest

Advanced Topics — Published August 18, 2015

Check out this in-depth post about integrating Appltiools Eyes Automated Visual Testing with SilkTest – including code examples.

From the post: 

When working with complex web applications, you want to ensure that the app’s layout remains stable, while the underlying implementation of the web application changes.

Or you might want to ensure that the contents displayed on the web application are not unintentionally changed, while the layout of the application is modified.

Applitools Eyes is an online solution for semantically comparing screenshots, which allows you to effectively perform the previous tasks.

You can integrate Eyes into Silk4J or Silk4NET through the corresponding Java- and .NET APIs, which are exposed by Eyes.

This blog entry describes how you can use Eyes and Silk4J to ensure that the layout of a web application remains stable over time.

***Read the full post, including code examples, right here***

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