Top 13 RSS Feeds for QA Engineers, DevOps and Front-end Developers

Advanced Topics — Published October 14, 2014

I don’t know about you, but when I’m trying to keep up with my daily tasks, I might think about all the cool technologies and tools out there, but it is impossible to keep up. And the amount of new information can sometimes be more distracting then helpful.

Not only that there is more than just tools, the DevOps movement, and testing best practices are changing fast as well. The tooling might be familiar but the culture, processes and philosophy are often new.

Here are the top RSS feeds to put into your favorite feed tool to quickly keep current on the QA and Development world. 

If you do not already have a great RSS feed tool, here are a few I suggest: IFTTT (automate RSS to your email, or even text messages), FeedDemon for Windows, Shrook for Mac, Feedly for iOS and Android.

Once you supercharge, optimize, equip, and deck out your reader, check out these feeds:

Front-end Development

  • Treehouse Blog | feed When it comes to tech education you need several things. The quick hits, tips and tricks, and the full-on courses.  What Treehouse does for me is gives both, but in a great interface where I do not need to search and search. And the feed keeps me current with all new courses and useful blog tips.
  • HTML 5 Rocks | feed While you need to know specifically what you are looking for, HTML5 Rocks is a site written by the creators of AJAX and filled with a community of experts. The RSS feed is a great place to catch new tools and approaches to JavaScript implementations.
  • Web Platform Community | feed How many frameworks are you using today in your applications? A lot I assume. Web Platform Community is a collection of great documentation for all the common tools out there.  And the RSS feed a great place to see what is new and keep current.
  • Web-Design Weekly | feed Yes another news source, but totally focused on front-end developers, and not just what is cool, what is useful. Plus it’s specifically curated once a week, so you are not overwhelmed with tech news.


UI/UX Testing

  • Usability.comfeed UX/UI implementation is not all that matters so does the reasons behind design concepts.  This site is great for hearing about new UX research, studies and the concepts around great design.


  • | feed DevOps consist of culture, process, and tools. While the tooling is pretty straightforward, the processes and culture are complex and sometimes subjective.  Learn from DevOps subject matter experts about how to put these aspects together.
  • DevOps Days Presentations | feed No better way to get into the details on implementing DevOps then from presentations of people who have done it.  DevOps days are not every day or even week, but when they happen this is a great place to get the presentations as soon as they are published.
  • DZone DevOps Blog | feed First and foremost DZone is the place to learn about all the new tools in the DevOps. Keep up-to-date on the rapidly changing set of tools in the developer market.
  • DevOps Reactions (for fun) | feed All I can say is I’m sorry. Don’t click the link or add the feed until you are ready to kill hours.

Test Automation Best Practices

  • Ministry of Testing | feed A treasure trove of detailed commentary and posts on software testing, testing tools, and events. If you are trying to enhance your testing environment, or keep up to date on what is new, this is an amazing feed.
  • Software Test Processional Presentation Feed | feed Like DevOps days there is no better place to learn than the practitioners. These testing professionals have high-quality presentations on the use cases and implementations of testing practices and tools. The events are once or twice a year, but you need to get the presos as soon as they are published.

Let the flood of data come, however by getting these in your RSS feed you can at a glance know what the trends are and focus in on the developments that are most interesting to you.

Did we leave out your favorite blog? Share to show us you care! Let us know about it in the comments below.

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