Test Automation U: Sneak Peek with Angie Jones

News — Published December 3, 2018

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Test Automation University is open for enrollment!

This free, community-driven educational program identifies, aggregates, and amplifies strategies and techniques helping test automation teams succeed more often. Led by Applitools Sr Developer Advocate Angie Jones, ‘Test Automation U’ will be a vital tool in helping people along their path to test automation success.

In this live session, Angie unveiled the project, and outlined the planned courses from experts like Dave Haeffner, Jonathan Lipps, Amber Race, Joe Colantonio, and Elisabeth Hocke, just to name a few. Angie also shared a sneak peek into her first 7-chapter course, titled “Setting the Foundation for Successful Test Automation”, including chapters:

  • How to Design an Automation Strategy
  • Future-proofing your Test Automation Efforts
  • Quantifying and Sharing the Value of Test Automation
  • And more…

In addition, during the session Angie answered many questions from our live audience, giving an in-depth look at how Test Automaton U will be managed, its certification programs, and planned content for upcoming courses.

Angie’s slide deck:

Webinar recording:

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