Next.js Visual Regression Testing with Applitools and Cypress

Getting Started — Published December 4, 2020

Visual regression testing is an effective way to make sure your app is behaving the way you want it no matter the technology stack. As someone who comes from the JavaScript and Jamstack world, I want to be able to use modern tooling to make sure my dynamic web apps are reliable and maintaining a high level of quality.

I recently joined Applitools as a Developer Advocate. With my role, it will be crucial for me to have a good understanding of not just how to install Applitools and the suite of features we provide, but I’ll need to be able to thoroughly understand how it fits into a developer’s workflow from installation to implementation.

In this stream, I take my first dive into building a new React app from the ground up with Next.js. I then walk through installing JavasScript testing framework Cypress, giving me the ability to run end-to-end testing for my new app. Finally, I install and set up Applitools Eyes which provides my app visual regression testing capabilities baked right into my testing suite.

To learn more about how visual regression testing with Applitools Eyes works, check out our Automated Regression Testing with Visual AI page.

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