Introducing Applitools Native Mobile Grid

Product — Published April 14, 2022

Last year, Applitools launched the Ultrafast Grid, the next generation of browser testing clouds for faster testing across multiple browsers in parallel. The success of the new grid with our customer base has been nothing short of amazing, having over 200 customers using Ultrafast Grid in the last year. But our customers are hungry for more innovation and we wanted to focus on extending our Applitools Test Cloud to the next frontier: native mobile apps.

Today, Applitools is excited to announce that the Native Mobile Grid is now ready for general availability – giving companies’ engineering and QA teams access to  the next generation of cross-device testing.

For those developing native mobile apps, there are often many challenges with testing across multiple devices and orientations, resulting in a high number of bugs slipping into production. Local devices are hard to set up and owning a vast collection don’t work well across remote companies in a post-Covid world. Not to mention each different device takes a bit of custom configuration and wizardry to get running without flakiness. And mobile test frameworks are often flaky on the big cloud providers. 

Applitools Native Mobile Grid is a cloud based testing grid that allows testers and developers to automate testing of their mobile applications across different iOS and Android devices quickly, accurately, and without hassle. After running just one test locally, the Applitools Native Mobile Grid will asynchronously run the tests in parallel using Visual AI, speeding up total execution tremendously and reducing flakiness. We’ve seen test time reduce by over 80% when run against other popular testing clouds.

The Benefits Of The Native Mobile Grid

Faster Test Execution, Broad Coverage

With access to over 40 devices, Applitools revolutionary async parallel test execution can reduce testing time by up to 90% compared to traditional device clouds while still expanding coverage over that single device you’ve been testing with.

Less Test Flakiness

Visual AI helps power Applitools industry leading stability and reliability, with flakiness and false positives reduced by 99%.

More Bugs Caught

Testing faster, on more devices, with Visual AI means that more bugs & defects are caught without having to write more tests.

Added Security

The Native Mobile Grid does not need to open a tunnel into your network so your application stays safe and secure

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