Holiday Shopping Hackathon Winners Announced!

Events — Published January 13, 2021

With over 1100 registrations and 300 completed submissions – it came down to only 50! It’s an honor to announce the winners of the first ever Holiday Shopping Hackathon. Please join the Applitools family in celebrating the winners of this festive and eye-opening event!

Our top ten diamond prize winners will receive either an iPhone 12 Pro or the cash equivalent. Winners are listed in no particular order.

Our 10 Diamond prize winners received an iPhone 12 Pro or cash equivalent.

Next up are our ten platinum prize winners who will receive either a Sony PS5 Digital Edition, Oculus Quest 2, or the cash equivalent. Winners are listed in no particular order.

Our 10 Platinum prize winners received a PS5 Digital Edition, Oculus Quest 2, or cash equivalent.

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Last, but certainly not least are our Gold & Silver prize winners – congrats to all our amazing winners!

Gold & Silver Prize Winners

Gold Prize Winners
One-year pro membership to Ministry of Testing
Silver Prize Winners
Epic React Standard License
Glib Briia – AssertThatTyler Koske – Plex Systems, Inc.
Arjan Blok – MendixNatasha Whitter – Third Bridge
Jan Molak – Smartcode LtdNatalie Clay – ASOS
Angela Shane – Credit KarmaHarsha Chandnani – Thoughtworks
Gabor Liptak – N/AFilip Hric –
Mohamed Abdulkadar – SynechronIoan Cimpean – Cognizant Softvision
Bushra Alam – BechtelMohammed Fazil – Photon Info Tech
Darren Skinner – TrainLineIlyes Kallala – ADP
Richard Edwards – Shift Left GroupPavlo Poimanov – Solorwinds
Sadeesh Kumar – AxelerantAishvarya Kapoor – Briq
Roman Romanik – DataClarity CorporationKerry McKeever – Globys
Umar Shakil – Cromwell ToolsGuilherme Meireles – Global Shares
Matt Tucker – DialexaAdrian Jaskólski – Tooploox
Victor Diaz – NYScopesValarie Burton – Club Automation
Daniel Enslin – N/ATaylor Ellsworth – Peloton Interactive

A bit of background on the Hackathon

The software engineering community was tasked with testing the functional and visual quality of the “Applifashion” retail app to ensure it was ready for the busy online holiday shopping season. The hackathon, which took roughly two hours to complete, challenged participants to author tests and catch bugs using the Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud platform. Participants also practiced modern QA techniques, used advanced features such as root cause analysis, and learned how Visual AI technology compares to pixel-based image comparison.

What the Hackathon winners say

We wanted to leave you with quotes from the Hackathon winners. We are thrilled to recognize them for their achievements and are pleased with their success.

About the Hackathon

  • “The Holiday Shopping Hackathon allowed me to gain working knowledge and insight about all the great tools and features that Applitools has to offer. I now interested in looking into using Applitools in my current role.” – Taylor Ellsworth, Automation Engineer
  • Using Cypress + Applitools, setting up tests to run across different browsers, devices, and viewport sizes took less than an hour. With traditional automation tools, this could take days! Even without concurrent runs, I executed 15 tests in multiple browser combos in less than 60 seconds. Applitools and Cypress’ dashboards provide helpful insights into failed tests and track execution history all without any extra setup or reporting integration. Ultra fast!” – Lauren Christianson, Automation Engineer
  • “I am a fan of Batman and I like this quote from the movie Batman Begins – “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” This is very apt for Applitools and no matter how many competitors arise, they are going to excel always.” – Sainath Ramanathan, Principal Software Engineer
  • “Hackathon is a unique way to learn visual testing using such an innovative product. The tool shows the power of complex AI-based algorithms in easy and intuitive features. This is the 3rd time I am participating in the Applitools hackathon and still learning new things (features) about the product. Thank you 🙂 team for organizing such wonderful events.” – Sakshi Nagpai, Tester
  • “Applitools Holiday Shopping Hackathon was fun, interesting & a great opportunity to learn in depth about the Applitools platform. Ultrafast grid is named just right as it checks the visual diffs across a range of devices & viewports within seconds.” – Tarun Narula, Test Manager
  • “Great accessible introduction to an awesome testing platform! As a Cypress and Applitools newbie, the platform was extremely easy to use and I was able to hit the ground visual ai testing super quickly!” – Willian Andrews, Developer

About Visual AI

  • “Applitools hackathon was a great way of showcasing, yet again, how difficult is to create a robust and maintainable pack of automated scenarios to have a good coverage of our web applications and how important visual testing is in order to provide the best user experience. With the massive matrix of devices/browsers/versions/OS available currently, it brings even more complexity that needs to be handled, unfortunately involving a lot of time and technical expertise. After solving the traditional approach and starting into the modern one with Visual AI and Ultrafast Grid solution, it made me realise how easy it was to setup the same scenarios to run across different browsers, devices, and operating systems into such a configurable tool as Applitools. Ultrafast Grid takes away the pain of having all these available, or integrating with another 3rd party cloud solution. It gives a really powerful solution to have such a broad coverage of visual tests running in different configurations, less code and less maintenance as you don’t need to handle all the required steps or selectors anymore. One screenshot and off you go!” – Ioana Porcarasu, Head of Quality
  • “I am so happy to have found this hackathon. It changed my view of Visual AI testing from being good-to-have to a must-have in every project. Applitools Eyes is easy to use and adds a huge value to your test project.” – Bushra Alam, Automation Engineer
  • “An extraordinary occasion to profound plunge into Applitools and to investigate Visual AI testing. Hackathon is one method of becoming more acquainted with additional about how to utilize Applitools with the references given in the notes is truly marvelous strategy. Applitools – A Game Changer for Visual Testing.” – Madan Mohan Reddy Badveli, Automation Engineer
  • “I have learned a lot in Ultrafast Grid and the power of Visual AI testing through this hackathon. This is the tool that I have been looking for in visual testing.” Yudi Edisugiarto
  • “After completing the challenge, I am eager to learn more about visual AI assisted testing tools.” Aabishkar KC, Automation Engineer

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