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Automation Guild 2019


Feb 04 - 06



Join Adam Carmi, Angie Jones and other experts at this online conference dedicated to automation testing.

  • Angie Jones will present “The Devil Is in the Detail: Good Gherkin for Complex Automation Frameworks”. Learn to write efficient Gherkin when your automation framework includes more than just UI steps.
  • Adam Carmi will talk “Tips from the Trenches: How We Build and Test AI at Applitools”. In this talk, Adam will share practical development and testing tips from our years of experience building an AI-powered service. We will cover common approaches to implementing AI, and the applicability of each to solving different types of problems. Explore the unique challenges involved with AI development and how they may lead to delivery delays or quality issues we should watch out for. We will share many practical tips on testing AI-based features, and explore areas where you can employ AI to be more productive at your job.

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