Building an Effective Front-end Testing Discipline: on-demand webinar w/ Expert Kevin Lamping

Events — Published September 10, 2018
Kevin Lamping; Front-end Engineer and Consultant;
Kevin Lamping; Front-end Engineer and Consultant;

For years, front-end developers have dealt with the pain of browser-based bugs and the difficulty of testing hundreds of scenarios. They’re itching for help with front-end testing, but have struggled to find a solution that scales past a few simple tests. They have the skills to write test automation, just not the support.

Now, more than ever, is the time to team up front-end developers with QA teams. So much functionality has shifted to the front-end that past practices will no longer work. We need to focus on solid solutions that have been proven in the workforce.

In this session — hosted by Kevin Lamping, Front-end Engineer and Consultant — you’ll learn how you can build a Front-end Testing Discipline using cutting-edge tools and techniques, along with patterns to follow in organizations at various levels.

Here are some of the talking points Kevin covers in this session:

  • Gain an understanding of front-end developer’s pains and needs
  • Get acquainted with the best tools available, and how to get your front-end team to use them
  • Learn how to pair front-end developers with QA testers in order to greatly improve test workflow
  • Learn how to provide results that team members can look at and feel confident about
  • Bonus: little-known tips testers should use in order to better work and communicate with front-end developers
Kevins’ slide deck:


Watch the full recording here:


Advanced Materials: 

Online Tutorials: Check out Kevin’s website and tutorials hereReminder: get 20% off on Kevin’s tutorials and online classes by applying the code applitools2018.

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