Applitools Eyes Express instantly detects all UI bugs on any web page; cuts page test time X10; no coding required.

Applitools, developer of cloud-based Automated Visual Testing solution Applitools Eyes, announces today the launch of Applitools Eyes Express: 1-Click visual testing solution that detects UI and visual layout bugs on any given webpage. Applitools Eyes Express requires no coding, nor any additional test scripts, and provides accurate UI validation instantly. 

“Wow. Applitools Eyes Express is seriously a quantum leap in automated Selenium-style testing. It makes the pain-staking process of writing integration/UI tests and makes it a single step. No-brainer, there’s nothing else like this out there.” [Brian Jordan, Software Engineer –; Chrome Webstore Review]

Automated visual testing is the easiest and fastest way to test any webpage exactly as the user sees it. Applitools Eyes Express takes this a step further, allowing automated visual testing without additional coding or scripting. Spotting the smallest UI difference, Applitools Eyes Express cuts page test time X10, thus substantially increasing coverage, accuracy and productivity and dramatically shortening application release cycles.

Applitools Eyes Express captures screenshots of app pages, and compares them using sophisticated image processing algorithms to identify functional & UI bugs. It then determines if the images have changed from release to release. This solution answers the growing need of manual testers and frontend developers, to quickly and accurately validate app’s UI and frontend functionality, without writing any test code.

Example - Spotify on Eyes Express

“Since the launch of Applitools Eyes, our automated visual testing solution for test automation teams, we’ve been asked by our customers to provide similar capability to their manual testes and frontend developers. In order to answer this growing market need, we’ve developed Applitools Eyes Express, that offers the same innovative visual testing capabilities with accelerated accuracy and speed, and doesn’t require writing any test code.“ – says Gil Sever, Applitools Co-founder and CEO.

Applitools Eyes Express is offered as a browser extension.

Free account registration and installation can be done in minutes from Applitools website. Online Quick Start Guide and video tutorials are available as well. Applitools Eyes Express can also be downloaded from the Google Chrome Webstore.

In addition to Applitools Eyes Express, Applitools offers Applitools Eyes, developed for Test Automation experts, enabling them to seamlessly integrate automated visual testing to any major test automation framework (such as: Selenium, HP QTP/UFT, MIcrosoft CodedUI, Appium and Protractor for AngularJS apps), enhancing the existing test suite to cover visual regression testing, UI testing and front-end functional testing. The cloud-based automated visual testing solution then validates all the visual elements of Web, Mobile and Desktop apps, across all devices, browsers, screen resolutions and operating systems.

Watch this 2-minute demo video about 1-click visual testing:




About Applitools:
Applitools is the provider of innovative and leading automated visual testing solutions. Its first solution – Applitools Eyes – was released in early 2014, and is now used by leading software companies, among them: SAP, Wix, HP, NICE, Conduit, Navinet, JFrog and CA, just to name a few.

Applitools was founded in 2013 by three seasoned hi-tech executives, GiI Sever (CEO), Adam Carmi (VP R&D), and Moshe Milman (VP Operations), after they led their previous start-up company to a successful acquisition in September 2011.
In May 2014, Applitools secured $2.5 Million in Series A funding from Magma Venture Partners.

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Written by Applitools Team